Why do we make a Gilmore School Yearbook?

We believe in the value of documenting the memories the kids are making at Gilmore school. Kids love looking through the yearbook and remembering all the fun things they did throughout the year. In a very digital world where photos are stored online, there is less opportunity for children to look through those photos and reflect. By producing an actual printed book that captures their grade school memories, we are providing kids with the opportunity to reflect and remember their friendships and experiences whenever they like.

Why is the yearbook designed by parents?

Not all elementary schools offer a school yearbook, and most are much smaller and lower quality than the Gilmore School Yearbook. That is because it takes a lot of time and commitment to produce a quality yearbook. While that manpower is available at the high school level, it just isn’t feasible at the elementary level. So parents at Gilmore have stepped in to fill this gap!

What does the Yearbook Committee do?

The Gilmore School Yearbook Committee is comprised of parent volunteers with input from the school principal and community officer. Committee members take photos at school events, design yearbook pages, run sales, and coordinate distribution of the yearbook. The Gilmore School Yearbook is sold at cost and is not run as a fundraiser for the school. This is done in the interest of keeping the cost low, so all families can afford to purchase a yearbook if they choose.

How can parents help?

While the committee takes photos at most school events, they are not present during class activities or field trips. They can also only take photos of kids who are willing to have their photo taken… So, if your child is shy or ‘too cool/old’ to have their photo taken during school events you can take a photo of them and send it to the Yearbook Committee yourself. We do our best to include photos of as many kids as we can.

Your photos should be taken on school grounds or during a school sponsored activity, and ideally include more than one Gilmore student in the photo. Photos must be high quality to print well so send the highest resolution possible. You can send photos to

If you would like to be more involved and become a part of the committee, please email with a list of any special skills you might have (photo editing, text editing, graphic design, sales, knowing the name of every kid in the school, etc.) and we will let you know if there is a role for you this year, or one anticipated to open up in the coming year.